“With this in mind, it doesn’t feel like a stretch to suggest the following: If you spend your money in a small tourism business in Laos, chances are it will be a family- and/or female-owned one. This is good—and it is in line with some of the smarter ethos behind responsible travel.”

The latest piece in my series on “rethinking travel.” A look at how travellers spend their money and how they could perhaps spend it better.


There's an interesting discussion going on over on #Twitter right now about #journalism and #ethics. The difference between being interviewed for a piece, being the subject of a piece, and being a source for a piece is often misunderstood. A journalist will go to extreme lengths to protect their sources, and have often faced prison or worse to do so. However, if you are being interviewed for a piece you are not a source, you are an interviewee. The word "source" has a very specific meaning.

Loving the new booths being installed in the department at City, University of London.

Micro.blog supports ActivityPub. Tumblr is adding it. It’s nice to be reminded that Mastodon is just part of the wider fediverse.

Are you still using Twitter?

One unintentionally positive outcome of the cost of living crisis is that we have less food routinely in the house, which means there’s less to graze on. That should help keep the ol’ waistline down.

Spent a night photographing the full moon rising through Durdle Doors' arch & was also treated to a spectacular 22 Degree Halo or Lunar Halo...

#lunarhalo #22degreehalo #moon #fullmoon #moonrise #durdledoor #rockarch #Coast #astrophotography #nikon #nightsky #astro

Are you still using Twitter?

@oneman sou jornalista e pesquisadora brasileira. Coordeno um núcleo de apoio à divulgação científica, jornalismo científico. Estudo doutorado na Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - Brasil.

Yes, I imported my follows from my @mojo@journa.host account to my @mojo account at newsie.social

— The veteran Fourth Estate crew running this #Newsie server are providing a smoother ride and their decades of professional server and moderation experience are very welcome.

Please support @jeff - This level of effort is expensive.

“Ice has a memory, and the colour of this memory is blue.”

— Robert Macfarlane, Underland 📚 micro.blog/books/9780141030579

Welcome @kgoossen and @debecker. Please do an intro post to let us know a little more about you!

Hello new #API developers who've come here from Twitter.
I've written some guides to help you get started with the #MastdonAPI

Includes how to build #bots, grab conversations, and use search effectively.

Read them at: shkspr.mobi/blog/tag/mastodon/

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Back in 2013, a group of Thames Valley locals put on an event named the Thames Valley Social Media Cafe, or #TVSMC for short. Over the space of three years, a number of meetups and tweetups took place in the city of Reading and in other parts of the Thames Valley. We’re bringing it back and hosting a meetup in London next month, for some of those who came back in the old days, and for new faces too. More to come on this soon!

In less than 2 week the amount of registered accounts on #Mastodon went from 6 to 7 million. What an incredible achievement!

Congratulations @Gargron and the whole crew.... and a big thank you to all the admins of the various instances all around the world. You guys rock!

Oh and please don't forget to support these guys. Donate to your admins because they are the ones who brought us together.

And last but but not least: thx #elonmusk for being Mastodons biggest promoter 🙏

Just one more tip for editorial folk.
Get #verified
Run by journalists. Like applying for a press pass.

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